Monday, June 16, 2008

Dastardly treacherous enemies seek tailor made missiles- gruniad exclusive

Does any of this sound familiar?

"These advanced nuclear weapons designs may have long ago been sold off to some of the most treacherous regimes in the world," wrote Albright.

"These would have been ideal for two of Khan's other major customers, Iran and North Korea."

Albright found the blueprints included designs for a compact warhead that could fit on Pyongyang's medium-range Nodong rockets as well as on the Iranian Shahab-III missile.

Just like the road side bombs in Iraq that are said to be of Iranian origin without any requirement for proof, it appears that these theoretical nukes are an especially good fit only for Iranian and North Korean missiles. Of course, it is only a coincidence that these are our official 'treacherous' enemies. It's not like we would do anything treacherous like bomb a country like Iraq to smithereens and then try and maintain de facto control of it by forcing them to agree to us having permanent military bases, control of their airspace and oil, and immunity from war crimes.


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