Friday, March 07, 2008

Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation

The BBC and other media outlets are giving wall-to-wall coverage to the deaths of eight Israelis yesterday. The tears, emotions and grieving are shared intimately with the world.

Unfortunately, the dozens of Palestinian civilians murdered by Israel in the last week have been relegated to the status of statistics and collateral damage. The stark contrast in coverage between the two set of victims, is a reflection of the ingrained racism and bias of these media organisations. They are willing to accept Israeli propaganda and broadcast extended scenes of suffering for 8 victims yet will only mention in passing the deaths of dozens of Palestinian civilians. The BBC in particular go out of their way to demonise Palestinians by referring to them as 'militants' and extremists, whilst portraying the murderous bloody actions of Israel as 'defensive' or in reaction to rockets. They help to shore up the image of Israel in the West keeping the public ignorant about the true nature of the Israeli zionazi occupation of Arabs. They are willing accomplices of the murdering extremists that run Israel. My TV licence money is paying these lying bastards for broadcasting propaganda for mass murderers.


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