Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Complaint to the BBC

Another complaint to the BBC about the scandalous coverage of Israeli terrorism against Gaza:

I would like to make an official complaint about the BBC news bulletins on radio and TV regarding the attacks against Gaza by Israel.

The BBC has repeatedly stated in its headlines that: Israel has ended its ‘incursions’ into Gaza, in response to Palestinian rocket ‘attacks'.

This is a blatantly biased statement. The use of 'incursions' to describe attacks that have killed dozens of unarmed bystanders dead including women and children, is a grave distortion. Eye witnesses point to innocent bystanders in Gaza being gunned down by Israeli forces for no reason. This has been acknowledged by B’tselem and other human rights organizations. Please can you reply to the following points:

1. Please could you explain why you believe the Israeli account that the bloody assault in Gaza is simply a response to rockets? Ask any Palestinian and they will tell you that the rockets are reprisals for Israeli killings of Palestinians and attacks on Gaza. Why is the BBC prepared to accept the Israeli version rather than the Palestinian version?

2. Why do your timelines always start with Palestinian rocket attacks? Why do you presume that rocket attacks are not a response to Israeli attacks?

3. How do you explain the fact that despite the absence of rocket fire from the West Bank, Israeli attacks against the West Bank and its citizens have continued?


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