Sunday, March 23, 2008

US fears peace outbreak

The parties involved in Pakistan's new government have taken western policy makers by surprise by announcing that they would be prepared to talk to the 'militants' and 'extremists' against whom the US has been fighting a war, sometimes directly but largely by proxy.

The army and the politicians for once seem to be reading from the same script by stating the obvious: that you cannot pursue and indefinite war against a large part of your population just because the US doesn't like them. Ironically, by supporting the dictatorship of Musharaff, the US has isolated itself from the parties that maintain the facade of democracy inside Pakistan.

The bloodshed and terror unleashed against these people has been a disaster for Pakistan but also a humanitarian disaster that gets no coverage from media.

Most Pakistanis will not care a jot what the US thinks or wants; they simply want an end to the daily carnage resulting from the internal civil war encouraged by Washington.


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