Friday, February 29, 2008

Hero Harry Hurries Home after Heroics

Another member of the Royal family has become a 'hero' by joining the armed forces to kill a few brown natives in Afghanistan. 'Brave' Harry has been praised to the sky by the media for his ability to direct bombs onto the heads of 'Taliban'.

Harry, the brave soldier and trained JTAC served with honour for a whole ten weeks before some Yank website blew his cover and the MOD was forced to step in. However, before being airlifted out, he had single handedly managed to restore democracy and women's rights and still had time to pose for pictures in a clean uniform for the benefit of the world media who didn't know he was there. Most of the British media kept a stiff upper lift and refused to tell the world he was there even though like any modest hero, he made himself available for pictures on a daily basis.

The Scum, The Daily Heil and other prestigious organs of journalism have ensured that the bashful hero receives all the publicity he deserves.


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