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For the BBC murder and seige is a middle way

Official complaint to the BBC about their general coverage and this one particular online article:

I would like to make a serious complaint about BBC coverage of the situation in Gaza and particularly this article by one of its correspondents in Jerusalem;

Why has the BBC become a tool of the Zionist propaganda machine? As licence payers we are entitled to a fair and accurate description of events in the middle-east, not as dictated by Tel Aviv. I have watched in dismay as time and time again the BBC portrays the situation in Gaza as one of Hamas terrorism involving rockets on Sderot and portrays the Israelis as ‘responding’ or trying to stamp out the rocket threats. That is a completely dishonest portrayal.

Is it not true that most of your correspondents are based in Jerusalem? It is a coincidence then that the BBC line always favours the Palestinian aggression/Israeli retaliation angle?

The BBC has done little to portray the true face of the occupation. The closure of Gaza is not recent and goes back to the withdrawal of settlements from Gaza. Since that day and before it, Israel has had de facto control of the borders and airspace, controlling food, medicines, human passage, fuel, water and electricity. Why is it that the BBC never portrays Palestinian rockets as retaliation for the daily assassination of Palestinian politicians, the wanton destruction of Palestinian property by missiles, shells and bombs and the killing of innocent bystanders?

Why does not the BBC supply the true death count on both sides in the recent conflict? Is it because it would show that Palestinians have rather one-sidedly been the victims of overwhelming violence carried out by the IOF and settlers? Perhaps if your news didn’t depend on the ‘access’ to official statements of Israeli spokesmen, we might have a tiny chance of a fairer approach to reporting the crimes against Gaza.

Take this article for example entitled, Propaganda battle over Gaza Plight. It is an ironic title, given the way Jonathan Marcus regurgitates Israeli propaganda and dresses it up in respectable BBC clothes.

As the rocket fire from Gaza has increased in intensity over the past 10 days so the fuel restrictions have begun to bite. Already difficult living conditions in Gaza are being made worse.”

This implies that all the difficulties of Gaza are simply due to increasing rocket fire. That simply is not the case. Hamas had maintained a one-sided ceasefire for over a year, and the only rockets were from other factions in retaliation for assassination and bombings carried out by Israel.

"Israel argues that if restrictions are to be lifted then there is a simple answer; the rocket fire should be halted. But the Israelis also seem surprised at the scale of the power shortages in Gaza."

Israel argues and argues again. The BBC continues to regurgitate those arguments:

"They argue that about three-quarters of the electricity used there comes from either the Israeli or Egyptian power grids and this electricity is still flowing."

Again a blatant lie because the UN has verified that electricity is not flowing. Are the UN engaged in pro-Palestinian propaganda? The BBC continually reports Israeli official statements without equivalent statements from the Palestinian side.

"The Israelis seem to be suggesting that it is Hamas which is manipulating the power supply to increase the suffering to win propaganda points."

More propaganda regurgitated by the BBC.

"Israel considers itself to be at war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Rocket fire into southern Israel has continued ever since Israel's withdrawal from the territory."

Again an untruth served up ungarnished: rocket fire is not the only thing that has continued. It has context. Why is this not explained? Why not explain Israeli bombings, shellings and shootings over this period? Why is this conspicuous by its absence? Why not report the death toll on both sides? Why is Israel at war with Hamas when Hamas maintained a ceasefire for over one year?

"in recent weeks the barrages have increased in intensity; physical casualties have been few, but the psychological pressure of living under the daily threat of attack has made ordinary life in the south very difficult. In turn this has brought huge pressure on the Olmert government to act."

Yet more crude propaganda, this time directly from BBC editorial staff, aimed at getting sympathy for Sderot residents whilst ignored the plight of 1.5 million Arabs being deliberately starved and suffocated by Israeli occupation. Where is your proof that rockets have been the cause of this escalation? How can you take Israeli words at face value and ignore Palestinian statements? Are you simply racist or just biased?

Why is the psychological pressure of occupation and continual attack on Gaza not explained as a reason for pressure on Palestinians groups to retaliate with rocket attacks?

"Israeli military commanders fear that this could lead to considerable Israeli casualties quite apart from a bloody death toll among Palestinian civilians if troops were forced to assault densely-populated urban areas."

Don’t you mean Israeli ‘troop’ casualties and why do you say if troops were ‘forced to assault’. Nobody is forcing them to barricade Gaza, nor to shell it, nor to starve it of food, fuel and medicines. They are doing it of their own volition because of their insane hatred of Arabs. The BBC continues to portray Israel as reluctant and retaliatory due to aggression against it. Why do you persist in peddling these lies, using my licence money?

"Mr Olmert has chosen a middle way; tightening economic restrictions, increasing the intensity of Israeli military operations inside the Gaza Strip, and stepping up the targeted killings of Palestinian militant leaders."

So now murder is the middle way is it? Starving 1.5 million people and imposing a siege on them is COLLECTIVE PUNISHMENT. Why is the BBC reluctant to acknowledge it as such? Targeted killings are not new; they did not stop in the West Bank from where no rockets have been fired. Why is this anomaly not explained?

"Israel clearly hopes that the suffering in Gaza will lead to pressure on Hamas to stop the rocket attacks"

That is always what they say. How do you know what it 'clearly' hopes? Are you psychic? Or is it because you always believe what they tell you? Or is it because you deliberately don’t want to acknowledge that your hosts in Jerusalem, who give you access to the official propaganda, are liars? The BBC is a willing mouthpiece for a nasty racist regime in Tel Aviv. I demand that you start reporting the reality on the ground, instead of the disgraceful one-sided fiction handed to you on a plate by the Zionist propaganda machine.

I request a full answer to each of the questions I have posed here and not the standard BBC brushoff.


Blogger michael greenwell said...

the bbc have disgracefully reported a number of subjects for a long time.

as well as the israel palestine issue there was the chemicals weapons in fallujah, iraq in general.

even when they did report the semi-truth abotu iraq they then apologised to the government for doing it.

and as a scot the unified britain ' we are all in this together' sort of shite that they put out daily really gets on my nipple ends.
the nature programmes are about the only saving grace these days.

i hope you get your answers but i wouldnt hold my breath

10:28 AM  
Blogger dan said...

You are well ordinate Falsetinian proPalgand machine. You are neglecting the truth and warship the misinformation, disinformation and between.

Refuting the truth ain't bringing you justice but reveal your ignorance and biased.

6:04 PM  
Blogger Kebz said...

Michael, I have experience of the formal BBC rebuttal which usually involves a flat rejection without answering any detailed points, although it still takes them 8 weeks to getting around to it. I'll post it up if and when they get around to replying.

Dan, Warship away the zionist proPalgand machine, and don't bohter answer poitns of truth you kinguf kanwer.

8:11 PM  
Anonymous M-RES said...

Oh dear Dan. You've exposed yourself... either as a Zionist shill pushing the racist (and fascist) ideologies of the Extreme Right in Israel, or just as an ill-informed and over-opinionated Sun reader (or BBC news viewer!).

If you think that by defending the basic human rights of the ordinary Palestinian people against the endless assault of munitions, imprisonment and propaganda of the Zionists through highlighting the factual inaccuracies and downright from-the-mouths-of-the-Israeli-Zionist-propaganda-machine 'reports' is wrong, then you really do need to educate yourself, historically speaking.

Perhaps you yourself have visited Gaza/West Bank and seen first hand the depravity of the occupation and it's dehumanising effects? Perhaps you've consoled a grief stricken mother whose child has just been shot by the IOF for crossing in front of a sniper's crosshairs whilst on the way to school? Perhaps you've witnessed other schoolchildren being harassed and dodging stones and bottles thrown by 'settlers' in their own home town/country? Perhaps you've lived under the constant threat of a missile attack, or having your home bulldozed for building without a permit (which you'll never get anyway) or you know someone who's had to give birth at a a checkpoint, or maybe you spend hours of each day at one of those checkpoints trying to cross a wall built across your own land simply to get to work and back?

What? You haven't? Well if you like, I can show you images and videos - testimonies of those who HAVE lived with the people that call these sorts of incidents 'everyday life'. Or perhaps you'd like to see the photos of Tom Hurndall, seconds after being shot through the head for helping Palestinian children cross a dangerous stretch of road. Murdered because he cared about the value of human life. Was that all just a lie, or did my friends who were with him make it all up? Pfft!

I hate racists like you. Mainly because they have no grasp of reality. For every hatred they voice, they reveal their ignorance.

3:31 PM  

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