Friday, January 18, 2008

Israeli terrorists continue their campaign of murder and oppression

The world is silent over the starvation, bombing and siege of 1.5 million people in Gaza. Israel continues its relentless terrorism against a helpless, defenceless population, whilst the western media suck up to the zionist lobby with sympathetic stories about Sderot, which bears the brunt of Palestinian retaliation with puny rockets.

"It's time that Hamas decide to either fight or take care of its population," the Israeli defence ministry spokesman, Shlomo Dror, said.

"It's unacceptable that people in Sderot are living in fear every day and people in the Gaza Strip are living life as usual."

Life in Gaza as usual means being bombed, attacked, starved, your hospitals denied vital medicines and power. It means being unable to come and go from your own territory and having no control over your airspace. It means enemy aircraft can attack with bombs and missiles at will or flyover at supersonic speed yards over ordinary houses. Zionists are sick murdering fuckers and the world's worst hypocrites. Shame on the West for supporting the scum of the earth and helping them to murder Arabs.

Few voices are heard that tell the real story. This is one of them in a letter to the Guardian:

Your story (Israeli troops kill 19 in Gaza Strip incursion, January 16) has inevitably been followed by another Israeli atrocity yesterday, with three Palestinians, including a 14-year old boy, killed by an Israeli air strike on a car in Gaza City. The Israeli military have admitted they were all civilians. How much more killing and collective punishment are we expecting the Palestinians in Gaza to take? Israel is restricting the Gazans' access to food, fuel, electricity and water, ensuring all entry and exit points are closed to them, and forcing Palestinians to watch family and friends dying because the Israeli authorities are preventing them from leaving Gaza to access medical treatment. President Bush's visit has clearly emboldened the Israeli government to escalate its military assault on Gaza. The government must call for the siege to be lifted. A protest against the crime being perpetrated on Palestinians is planned for January 26.
Sarah Colborne
Chair, Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Then there is this from the channel 4 e-bulletin 'Snowmail':

The facts are only just beginning to clarify but there has been an appalling bomb attack in Gaza. Israeli jets targeted what they thought was the interior ministry and destroyed the block.

It was empty but the building next door collapsed, with loss of life, with a number of children killed. There are harrowing pictures but at this stage it is hard to tell whether they intended to do what they did or it was some sort of mistake.

Most media outlets are still reporting the strike as attacking an empty building.


Blogger Philip said...

And the Grauniad reporters-and-agencies persist in claiming that Hamas "seized" Gaza, despite being the elected government. Have these Islamic fiends no understanding at all of what it means to be a democracy?

9:49 PM  
Blogger Kebz said...

If you start out with the theory that Islam and democracy are incompatible then it is logical to assume that despite elections in which people voted for a particular party, they are not democratically elected because democracy is alien to them. and they hate our way of life ........and so on..
Even if they happen to be Christian Palestinians, the non-democratic culture rubs off on them!

9:56 PM  

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