Monday, November 19, 2007

The Blair Which Project

That Blair middle-east peace plan in full:

  • Industrial parks to create jobs for all those unemployed Palestinians with nothing better to do than protest against Israeli tanks and settlers killing their kids and destroying their homes
  • Agricultural ventures - no doubt to replace the thousands of olive trees and fruit orchards the Israeli tanks have destroyed. In fact this could become a perpetual industry with the new schemes rebuilding what the zionist bulldozers destroy
  • A new sewerage system for Gaza- this is badly needed because so many people shit themselves when Israeli jets fly 10 metres above their roofs whilst breaking the sound barrier. Apparently this will be done secretly without Hamas finding out.
  • David 'The drip' Millibland has promised 'cash infusions'. I'm not sure if these will adequately replace the real medicines that are desperately needed in both Gaza and West Bank hospitals.
In a gesture of reconciliation, Israel has said it will unilaterally start building mega-terminals for the convenience of processing Palestinians on occupied land, and controlling the movement of food into peoples' mouths. Hitler would have been envious. The UN spokesperson apparently launched a scathing attack on this project saying:
"An insidious new regime to limit freedom of movement is threatening to further stifle economic activity and smother social interaction between villages and towns in the West Bank"

This is like complaining that a mad axe murderer is torturing his victims, whilst ignoring the fact that he is also killing them.


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