Sunday, November 04, 2007

Martial law returns to Pakistan

No surprise then that the West's favoured military dictator in Pakistan has caved in and declared military rule. While the West ridicules legitimately elected leaders like Hugo Chavez as dictators, the hypocrisy of supporting Musharaff could not be more stark. I think the arrest of people Imran Khan, lawyers and the chief justice Muhammad Iftikhar Chaudhry, illustrates the desperation and lies of Musharaff's government. For once the Observer headline is accurate. Chaudry's lawyer said as he was bundled into a police van:

'Musharraf is acting like a spoiled child, holding the whole country hostage. These are the last days of Pervez Musharraf'

The claim of a threat to the country is laid bare as an empty lie. What has Imran Khan done, except to criticise the government for its conduct? Has he planted any bombs or supported the Taliban? Certainly not. The chief justice and lawyers have only demanded independence and lack of interference. The threat of suicide bombers and instability in the north is all the creation of the USA and Musharaff, killing and provoking local tribes, simply to show they are 'fighting terrorism'.

Western politicians are only expressing 'dismay' because it strips away the tiny veneer of democratic appearance from a military dictatorship, they are supporting. Their military support continues. What will martial law achieve in Pakistan? The same old corrupt politicians including Benazir Bhutto are waiting in the wings for the dictatorship to collapse so they can carry on looting the country when the pretence of a civilian administration is resumed.

The country is need of a revolution but is riddled with the cancer of corruption that no military dictatorship has resolved or corrected. There will certainly be not be a popular celebration for this latest seizure of power by the military. The country seems to be destined to forever repeat cycles of dictatorship with corrupt civilian rule, whilst the population suffer.


Blogger Philip said...

David "I'm a daddy" Milibilibalalaland has not expressed "dismay" but "grave concern", which I take to be diplomatese for "sort it out quick or I shall express 'intense concern'".

6:05 PM  
Blogger Kebz said...

Call me a cynical old fool, but I think this is part of a process that has been agreed with Washington. Millimetreband is simply cheerleading the process along. Note that Bhutto timed her trip to Dubai exceedingly well and has not been arrested on her return. We can now expect staged elections next year when things have died down a bit, where the Bhutto's party the PPP come out narrow winners and she returns as PM. She will no doubt agree that Musharaff should remain as President. That is unless Musharaff is planning to step down in favour of another medallion man. Bhutto has licked sufficient arses in Washington that she is now favourite to maintain sufficient veneer of democracy for our purposes.

9:04 PM  

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