Friday, November 23, 2007

Brutally and inhumanly tortured

Torture and repression continue in Uzbekistan:

Relatives say Islamic prisoners were tortured. Two Uzbek men convicted of Islamic extremism have died in prison and their bodies showed signs of severe torture, said relatives and a rights activist. The family of Takhir Nurmukhammedov, 42, received his body on November 15 and it was clear he had been "brutally, inhumanly tortured", one of his sisters said. The body of Fitrat Salakhiddinov, 40, was delivered to his family with signs of torture, human rights advocate Surat Ikramov said. The torture of people imprisoned for alleged Islamic extremism has increased ahead of next month's presidential elections in Uzbekistan, he added.
Associated Press in Tashkent
I wonder if this would be news in brief, if the victims were British or American Christians?


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