Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Modelled on Iraq

The media reports of the 'civil war' seem to be very much about Hamas mounting an offensive to 'completely take over Gaza'. Diplomats moan that there cannot be a peace process with people like this in charge. Abbas rings his hands publically in despair at the violence yet only a few weeks ago openly accepted arms and cash from Israel and the USA. The US-Israel backed 'preventative security' forces of Mohammed Dahlan have been sponsored to plunge the area into the very civil war the western media is now showing. After attacks on Hamas clan members and Dahlan's efforts to destabilize Gaza, perhaps it is not that surprising that Hamas decided to bomb his headquarters and to settle the power issue. If Fatah were interested in peace, they would not be threatening to kill Hamas people in the West Bank. Hamas had two choices , to hand their weapons in as demanded by Fatah and watch Dahlan take over, or to fight. Neither was a very palatable option but they had to choose. Tragically, Fatah has yet again become a Western pawn in a power game designed to smash Hamas and to remove its political support. Even more tragically Palestinians are dying fighting each other instead of the occupation. The Israelis and US neocons are loving every minute but innocent people are caught in the cross-fire and they despair at what is going on. This is what the zionists wanted - a miniIraq version of Gaza, with its own insurgency and sectarian war.

Report from the Arab monitor:

Gaza, 13 June - UNRWA, the UN relief organziation for Palestinian refugees, suspended its mission in the Gaza Strip after two of his workers, both Palestinians, were killed today in the course of the ongoing armed confrontation between Hamas and Fatah armed forces.

The Hamas-affiliated Executive Forces are reported to have completely destroyed the headquarters of Mohammad Dahlan's Preventive Security Forces, organized and payed for by the United States. The Executive Forces are reported to have called on all armed forces of the Presidential Guard and the Preventive Security Forces to hand in their weapons within Friday this week.

Top Fatah leaders based in Ramallah have threatened to kill Hamas exponents all over the West Bank, if the Fatah-affiliated armed forces in the Gaza Strip were subdued by Hamas.



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