Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Gaza - the automatic killing zone

Israel is aiming to turn Gaza into an automatic death zone. Automatic gun and missile stations with a reach of several kilometres will target ANY moving object, child, adult or vehicle that unwittingly wanders into a 'no-go zone' inside their own territory. Just when you thought things could not get worse for the Gazans, this article in the Register paints a terrifying picture of the near future:
Both Jane's Defence Weekly and Defence News reported last week that the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) have begun deploying automated gun stations in pillboxes along the Gaza border. The robot systems are said to mount cal-fifty (12.7mm) machine guns, protected by "armoured folding shields" until ready to fire...."each machine gun-mounted station serves as a type of robotic sniper, capable of enforcing a nearly 1,500-meter-deep no-go zone".
"The IDF's Southern Command is also considering adding Gill/Spike anti-tank missiles to extend the no-go zones to several kilometers, defense and industry sources here said."...
The implications are terrifying and horrific. Children and animals will be cut to ribbons or blown to smithereens whilst inside Gaza, simply for reasons of 'security'. Consider that the whole of the Gaza strip is less than 8 miles across with most of the 1950 armistice line dividing Gaza and Israel, being only 4 miles from the Gaza coast. This would put anything and virtually everything in the range of automatic killing machines. That amounts to a gross violation of human rights and an (another) illegal act under international law by the zionazi reshime in Tel Aviv. The gung-ho article goes on:
Not only do the IDF robo-snipers pack a more arse-kicking gun, their automatic armour-shuttered pillboxes seem a lot harder to circumvent than the Korean SGR-A1's "anti-theft alarm".What's more, there seems to be a future plan for the Israeli gun systems to become true killer robots rather than just remote hardened weapon stations."At least in the initial phases of deployment, we're going to have to keep the man in the loop," an unnamed IDF commander reportedly told Opall-Rome. "We don't want to risk making tragic and politically costly mistakes with such a lethal system."
That's OK then, as long as their is a period of grace before the whole of the Gaza population is blitzed to extinction. I'm sure the commanders will be crying into their bagels over murdering another few Palestinian kids, during the early testing period. Who wants to wipe who off the map? Murdering fuckers.


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