Monday, June 04, 2007

Dodo screams blue murder

The zionazi are reacting in a typically dramatic and hysterical fashion, slinging accusations of anti-semitism at the UK, because a couple of unions have decided to boycott the Israeli academic establishment. This same academic establishment also provides support to the racist extremist policies of the Israeli state. The Israeli government is up in arms about the boycott. Israeli minister Isaac Herzog compared it to anti-semitic harassment in Europe. Dudu Himmelfarb, union leader said:
"If the British decide to go ahead with the boycotts, we will stop unloading cargo from British Airways aircraft and imports from Britain."
About time too, Dodo! There should be no exports or imports from your racist fascist state until it stops murdering innocent Palestinians and turfing them out of their homes in Jerusalem, Hebron and elsewhere.

The hysterical reaction to the boycott reveals the automatic tendency to furiously target critics by Israeli right-wing zealots. The british media such as the Guardian and the BBC are regular targets for accusations of pro-palestinian bias, in order to pressurise them to keep their output firmly biased against Palestinians. You can often see the effects of the organised campaign by the zionist lobby on the 'have your say' pages at BBC online or the CiF on the Guardian website. Accusations of anti-semitism often do produce the desired result, with editors toning down criticism of the racist state whilst increasing the coverage of inter-Palestinian violence. It is not unusual to see the Holocaust invoked either. "My god they have boycotted us, that is exactly like the holocaust. They want to help the Arabs to wipe us out", they scream. Never mind the fact that the zionists have got Palestinians blockaded into concentration camps, sorrounded by a 10 ft wall, cut off from each other, starving and thirsty. Never mind that Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons and millions of conventional missiles compared to the tin rockets and AK47s of Hamas. The Israeli reaction is a feat over melodramatic overacting and tantrum-throwing rarely matched even in Indian TV dramas.

These histrionics are widely used in Israeli politics in order to gain sympathy from the US sponsors and to evoke even further hatred against Arabs. Criticism of Israeli policies in the West Bank and Gaza is seen as 'anti-semitism', and even mainstream figures equate the proposed boycotts of Israel with the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany.

The problem is that the power of AIPAC and the zionist lobby screaming at their top of their voices tends to have a dramatic effect on the establishment. They will quickly find a way to reverse the decisions or to negate their effects. It will not stop the zionazi playing the role of victims though.


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