Sunday, June 10, 2007


BAE systems are setting up an 'ethics committee'. I suppose it is in line with a certain infamous 'ethical foreign policy', that has led to a record amount of bloodshed around the world. This committee will no doubt find a more ethical way to 'donate' £1.2billion pounds to Saudi ministers bank accounts and will ensure that all missiles and bombs are in-line with the latest british ethical kitemark standard. All denials of wrongdoing will be put onto a fast track to ethicality and co-ordinated with the already fully ethical attorney general's office. As long as all these ethical standards are met, who cares how many towelheads die as long as we get the oil and contracts for 'rebuilding'! The soon-to-be ex-PM Tony Bliar has backed the move saying:
"thousands of jobs depend on our ethical decision. If we don't supply the weapons of mass destruction, somebody else will and then we will have no choice but to invade in order to find them, leading to unnecessary blood shed, none of which will be our fault. My job is to advise on what is in the best interests of the country, particularly the bit which sells arms to foreign dictatorships."

Genghis Khan wonders whether his weapons are in-line with the Mongol ethical foreign policy.


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