Tuesday, May 22, 2007

UK demonstrates its sympathy

The British ambassador expresses sympathy for a sole Israeli victim of the current wave of violence on the Gaza-Israel border:

Tom Phillips, Britain's ambassador to Israel visited Sderot, "to understand the impact of these latest Qassam attacks and personally to express the sympathy of my government to the people of Sderot". He said: "The Palestinians must stop these attacks. Israel ... has the right to defend itself from such attacks against its civilians. But any response should be in accordance with international law ..."
The context:

Israeli missile attacks, airstrikes and shelling have killed 50 people so far. In the same newspaper, tucked away in 'News in brief', Rory McCarthy reports that the attacks have cut off electricity supplies to about 50000 people. You may remember the previous Israeli destruction of civilian infrastructure including electrical installations that left hundreds of thousands without power or water - a widely documented war crime. Where was Phillips then? Does International law allow countries to bombard civilian populations, to deny them water, food and medicine? Does International law say that killing 50 people before one of yours is killed is proportionate assuming that your attacks are reprisals? Does international law allow you to seize the homes and businesses of the legitimate owners and throw them out because of their race? Does International law allow you to build a giant wall through Arab villages on Palestinian land and to build huge settlements on Palestinian land whilst stealing Palestinian water supplies? Tom Phillips is a total wanker who should be locked up, preferably within range of Israeli missiles.


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