Saturday, May 26, 2007

Resisting Arrest

A leader of the Mahdi army Wissam Abu Qader, has been shot dead by Iraqi 'special forces' and 'backed by' British troops. Another classic explanation here:
A British army spokesman said he died while trying to resist arrest.
An Iraqi military intelligence officer said he was travelling in a car with two other men when it came under fire.

I don't know about you but I had no idea that travelling in a car constitutes resisting arrest. Basically he was murdered after leaving friday prayers, in a car that came under heavy fire. Why do they have to dress it up? He was 'suspected' of weapons trafficking, theft and assassinations, intimidation and participating in attacks. Is this policy going to arrive in the UK, where suspects are shot dead whilst travelling in a car with no right to plead their guilt or defence. Sorry, I completely forgot that if you are an unarmed Brazilian travelling on the London underground, the same policy applies.
According to the army:
'200 British troops from the 2nd Battalion the Duke of Lancaster's Regiment and 4th Battalion the Rifles "present as advisers"
That adds up to a hell of lot of 'advisers'. Perhaps they need two hundred voices simultanously shouting 'fire' because they Iraqi special forces are apt to forget that they needed to 'arrest' the bad man in the car by filling it full of bullets. In fact, I am surprised that the Gruniad actually put 'present as advisors' in quote marks considering their current level of performance.


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