Sunday, June 29, 2008

Complaint about BBC propaganda

Not so dear BBC,

I would like to complain about Wyre Davies' article. This is one of a large series of articles where the BBC claims that Israel acts only in retaliation for Palestinian rocket attacks.
  • Please could you present any evidence that you have for this automatic supposition.

  • Why does the BBC insist every time that Israel acts in retaliation?

In this article, according to Davies, apparently Israelis have only 'retaliated' because of the those nasty Palestinian lobbing rockets. He even has the temerity to compare the suffering of 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza with 'suffering' of the people who live in border towns like Sderot.

"After months of suffering, Hamas has had to admit the blockade is really hurting.

Over the same period, the people who live in Israel's towns and communities, just across the Gaza border, have been suffering too.

Hundreds of crude, but effective, rockets fired by Palestinian militants have landed in towns like Sderot, killing and injuring several Israelis.

As Israel retaliates, launching air strikes against Gaza, hundreds of Palestinian civilians have been killed."

In another article, the BBC headline focuses on the generosity of Israel in allowing fuel to enter Gaza. The BBC headline ignores the fact that Israel was acting illegally in preventing food and medicines reaching over a million besieged desperate people.
  • Why is the allowing of fuel into Gaza considered more important than the denial of food and medicines to Palestinians?

  • Also in this article why is the photo caption used that of an Israeli youth posing behind a broken window?

  • Is this more important than the shootings and vastly greater criminal damage committed by Israel?

  • Why does the BBC side with Israel in propagating such propaganda?


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