Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Stealing in Gaza

What happens when you imprison a population of millions and deny them international aid, enforce an embargo that prevent even food from traveling easily and maintain severe economic sanctions? For the answer you have to travel to the slums of Gaza, the world’s largest open air prison, where a population of 3 million Palestinians is imprisoned by a brutal Zionist reshime. Amidst internal strife between warring armed factions – again promoted by the zionsists through supply of weapons to one side and bombings – children roam the streets selling whatever they can to help maintain their families. In many of these cases, the men who were traditional providers have been kidnapped, tortured and imprisoned in Israel. More than half the population is unemployed so the desperate plight of the families means that children become the bread winners. They often brave reckless and deliberate Israeli gunfire directed at them to steal bits from old settlements in Gaza. Israel alone designates what it calls ‘no go’ zones with no marking as to where these start or end. Some children turn to stealing from other families. In a society where crime was rare, children steal to entertain themselves out of boredom as well as to provide food for themselves and large families. Other children are selling cigarettes on street corners. The official Palestinian prohibition against child labour is a joke, because it cannot be enforced and desperate families have no other options.

The western refusal to allow aid is causing this economic hardship because they continue to support their Zionist friends who demand ‘recognition’ of a military racist state that has no defined boundaries and continues to expel people from Palestinian areas at an alarming rate. Ethnic cleansing is still in action and still ignored by the European and USA elite and media. Next time they come to ask for your vote, ask them what they are doing about this situation. In fact write to the fuckers and protest.


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