Thursday, May 17, 2007

Politician's Bandwagon

Is it just me or does anybody else think that the politicians are being more disgusting than ever by so publicly exploiting the McCann kidnapping case? They clambered over each other in parliament to express their sincerity and sympathy and queued to be photographed with the Aunt of Madeleine. Yes the family has been campaigning but this is always the kind of photo-op the politicians love. This disgusting opportunism shows the level of this cesspit of human excrement. What will be achieved by them being photographed and oozing their fake concern whilst trying to make out that they are helping the investigation. How many other girls are there who are missing and not in the headlines. A quick check reveals that 15 other girls are listed as missing this year including a three year old. Why don't they speak up for them instead? There is already a massive reward on offer for information thanks to celebs like Beckham, so this opportunism cannot really raise the profile any further. Like flies on a turd they will swarm onto any issue that makes headlines. No wonder Brown made it to PM without a contest! Parliament is full of spineless greasy nobodies without a shred of decency.


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