Friday, February 23, 2007

Irony undiscovered

Example 1:

First item on radio news bulletin: Prince Harry goes to Iraq to 'Keep the Peace'.

Second item on the news bulletin: Chris Eubank arrested for 'breaching the peace' by protesting against the war in Iraq.

Example 2:

Last item on radio news bulletin: Scientists fear the effects of man made global climate change are irreversible.

First item following news bulletin: Pet owners who keep two televisions and the radio on to entertain their pet dogs, when they are out of the house.

Example 3:

Let's ban those nasty cluster bombs (Revd Blair makes a humanitarian gesture and signs up to rid the world of these nasty weapons)

Yet in the same article:
....despite having used the weapon in conflicts in Kosovo and Iraq and still stockpiling so-called "smart" versions of the munition.'....The UK view is that "dumb" weapons should be scrapped, but that some, more modern cluster munitions are "a legitimate weapon when used in accordance with international humanitarian law".


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