Sunday, February 04, 2007

Institute for Propaganda Dissemination

I have read some bullshit in the propaganda war against Iran but this one takes the whole McVities factory. This is a blatant and disgraceful incitement to a murderous war from a scottish newspaper. Ian Mather regurgitates propaganda from a right-wing think-tank as if it were gospel truth. Note how many similar think-tanks were helping Bliar and Bush spin out their lies prior to the war of aggression against Iraq. The London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) says "now is the time" for the world to act. Needless to say that IAEA monitoring activities that are ongoing are not mentioned, nor is the fact that the Iranian leadership have publicly renounced atomic weapons. Allegedly “deep underground is a facility [Natanz] which is being stacked with a massive array of centrifuges for enriching uranium to bomb-making capacity..” How Mr Mather is convinced of this is rather vague. Ironically even putting themselves up for inspections is not enough to convince these blood and oil thirsty warmongers:
“Despite Tehran yesterday allowing six envoys to visit nuclear sites as part of an effort to show "transparency" over its disputed atomic project, the US has said that simply putting Iran's nuclear activities on display would not build confidence abroad”
How could it build confidence when the US and its allies are determined to wipe Iran off the map, to coin a phrase? Speaking of phrases, all the usual bigoted ones are deployed by Mather:

“International worries over Iran's nuclear intentions have been increased by the belligerent and uncompromising noises coming from Tehran..” [of course the west isn’t ever belligerent].

“The West is worried that religious fundamentalist countries such as Iran would be more likely to launch a nuclear attack than their secular counterparts because they would not fear their own destruction” [Allegedly, despite having never invaded another country, the whole country is bent on becoming a collective suicide bomber].
Despite the aggressive rhetoric and the military manoevers from the West imperialists and Zionists, they are made to sound like the reasonable party:

"The world is not saying Iran cannot enjoy its inalienable right to civilian nuclear energy. Even President George W Bush has acknowledged this right”
People like Mather have no conscience and no qualms about the destruction of yet another country and the obscene bloodshed involved. They are simply willing agents of propaganda inciting hatred on a national scale. The BNP have nothing on people like this.


Dear Mr Mather,

Your article today in the Scotsman is a total incitement to another war of aggression against another middle-eastern country. Perhaps you are paid for this propaganda by the number of cliches because the whole article consists of the same cliches that we saw used against Iraq. Basing an entire article on spin coming out of a right-wing US think tank, shows the levels to which your already shoddy journalism has sunk.

You even manage to make the warmongers like Bush seems reasonable, whilst casting Iran (which has never invaded another country in its history and whose leaders have renounced atomic weapons) as a nation that is collectively bent on suicide. You should be ashamed. The Iranians have complied fully with IAEA inspections and continue amazingly to still do so. People like you are a disgrace to journalism and you should resign if you have the least bit of decency in your soul.


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