Saturday, February 10, 2007

The mirage of peace

The proposed formation of a unity government by Fatah and Hamas is given cautious coverage by the media. For now, the editors and indeed minions like Blair and his foreign secretary await until their masters in Tel Aviv and Washington, come to a decision about how to respond to the latest failure in their plan. In the end it boils down to whether they feel Abbas has done enough for them in Mecca. Israeli ministers were adamant that Abbas must produce a Palestinian authority that 'recognises' Israel and past peace deals. Recognition was never an actual problem but an excuse they could hang their rejection from later on. Neither Abbas nor his predecessor Arafat gained much from that particular concession. The fact is that the zionazi themselves broke every one of these previous peace deals and continued destroying lives and property or grabbing further territory for racist blood thirsty settlers. Even if the predicted exchange of palestinian prisoners for an Israeli soldier takes place, I don't see how the Israelis or the US will see the new coalition government as acceptable. The palestinians had to come to an agreement to prevent the bloodshed between armed factions in Gaza. However, this does not guarantee that the Israelis will not find a pretext to go in again to destroy property and provoke further fighting. Their actions in attacking the foundations of the Al-Aqsa mosque is proof enough of their malicious intent. The only question now remains is whether they publicly reject the proposal now or wait it out for a few months before doing so. The latter will look better in terms of the public relations, although these days neither the neocons or the zionazi, care much about the presentation of the policy and leave it to their hounds in the media, to aggressively counter public anger at the injustice.

I can see no change in the implementation of the US and EU approved policy of blockading the Gaza Strip by land, air and sea and continuing to grab property and land in Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley. These policies were in place long before the election of any Hamas government. Yet the media always gets away with portraying Hamas as the stumbling block. In fact, Hamas has maintained a strong and pragmatic stance, which Fatah would do well to adopt. They have accepted the reality of Israel on land conquered previous to 1967, and offered a long term ceasefire. Until Israel recognise their state of Palestine, they see no reason to offer unconditional recognition to an Israel that continues to expand its borders by force. Palestinian unity and resolve is most needed now when the butchers of London, Washington and Tel Aviv are most determined to promote the forces of chaos and fear in the middle east. Racists like Avigdor Lieberman are already working hard to prevent the EU changing its policy towards the Palestinians. In the past year the terrorist government of Israel has conducted hundreds of bombings and killed countless civilians in it's operations. There are no signs that they will stop no matter what the Palestinians do. The mirage of peace will never transform into reality until the blood letting stops.


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