Monday, October 22, 2007

Dirty Iran

The BBC appear to have a terminal obsession with allowing the UK establishment to perpetuate lies on its radio stations. I was unfortunate enough to catch some of the typical fare on the way home courtesy of its afternoon drive time show on Radio 5 - or five live as they call themselves. It involved Liam Fox from the Conservative bench teaming up with government minister Des Browne to launch a volley of unproven allegations against Iran, this time in Afghanistan. Fox, speaking in the commons, typically set up the question of Iran doing the dirty on our boys in Afghanistan and Browne followed up with stereotypical fervour.

Luckily enough, Fox was available for interview too, so that listeners could enjoy the reinforcement of the allegations. Allegedly, only Iran is sophisticated enough to make 'these types of weapons'. The accusations are so frequently aired that they don't even bother changing the script these days. They just use the search and replace feature on Word and voila, instantly Iran changes from simply being a supporter of terrorism in Iraq to also supporting the Shia-hating Taliban. The absurdity of the allegation doesn't prevent BBC presenters taking it seriously. So why exactly are they doing this? they ask. Even the introduction doesn't miss a trick - mentioning the 'current focus on Iran's nuclear weapons' before launching into the script. If Browne and co. ever make to trial for the shameless warmongering and butchery they are responsible for, then the BBC surely deserve a place in the dock as willing accomplices.

Fortunately, the story doesn't seem to have made it to the BBC online pages as yet. However, they do wade in with Cheney threatening Iran because of its non-existent nuclear weapons, Blair's accusations against Iran earlier in the week as well as Iran hanging some alleged criminals.


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