Sunday, September 16, 2007

News roundup

The ORB polling survey supports previous results from the Lancet over excess deaths in Iraq. Some 1.2 million people have died in the war started by the neocons based upon lies.

Another set of lies leaked by the military to turn up the pressure on Iran - allegedly NATO have 'seized Iranian weapons' in Afghanistan. Don't hold your breath waiting for proof.

Speculation continues on the Israeli terrorist air attack on Syria carried out in secrecy last week. Journalists quote US and Israeli sources describing the attack as being on a cement shipment that was allegedly hiding nuclear technology from North Korea. Others say it was an agricultural research centre that was extracting uranium from fertiliser. Don't ask me which is the more ridiculous claim. The BBC, in comedy mode quotes the Syrians:
Damascus said last week the Israeli warplanes had violated Syrian airspace in the north of the country, describing the incident as a "hostile act".

Trust the BBC to put 'hostile act' in quote marks. Do they think it is not a hostile act to invade other countries for no reason and bomb them? Sorry, I forgot about Iraq. It must be liberation time again.

The Zionist terrorists have attacked the Moath bin Jabal Mosque in Rafah, causing substantial damage. Israeli bulldozers are destroying Palestinian farmland and Israeli special forces continue to kidnap people from their homes. So much for the peace process.

Meanwhile Benazir Bhutto announces her return to Pakistan for the umpteenth time, but this time actually specifies a date in October. She has been busy courting US politicians for support so that she can share power with or take over from Musharaff. Her weakness is that she will never have control over the Pakistani military, which is the major consideration in Washington.

Talking of cows, the movement ban on livestock has been lifted outside of the three mile zone in Surrey. Seems a bit soon to me, but time will tell.


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