Thursday, August 30, 2007

Peer reviewed science

It made me laugh when I saw this banner displayed by the Heathrow climate change protesters.

I am not the greatest critic of the peer review process, but I had just come across a wonderful example of a real peer reviewed paper. (names and citation removed to protect the innocent ) Here are some excerpts from the aforementioned article.

This patient, a 38-year-old virgin spinster who had never had a boy friend and lived with her mother, by 24 weeks of treatment was co-habiting and engaged to be married.

From the same paper:

Another patient receiving drug X had severe domestic problems and complained of mood swings, heaviness in the head and feelings of detachment. Two patients receiving drug Y had gastroenteritis with transient headache, sedation and nausea. Both of these patients had eaten together at a local cafe.


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