Tuesday, September 11, 2007

BBC blatant bias

Yet another disgraceful article from the BBC. Today they report on a story about a rocket fired from the Gaza stripe which hit an Israeli military camp and injured 69 soldiers. The BBC headline is "Rocket injures dozens in Israel". Why not put dozens of soldiers in the headline so that the browsing public do not get a biased impression from the headline?

The story comes complete with a picture of a man with an injured leg on a stretcher. This is the same injured man also featured in the Guardian. When was the last time, that mere injuries on the Palestinian side merited this kind of coverage? In fact, whenever the Israeli army hit people by shelling or shooting, we hardly ever see a picture of the injured Palestinians unless there has also been a large death toll too.

The BBC explains the injured soldiers were 'recruits'. Awww, let's have a wave of sympathy for the 'recruits' who kill little Arab kids for wandering too near the fence on their own side. What about the Hamas recruits? The teenagers who are regularly murdered by Israel?

The BBC yet again move on to reporting propaganda from Israeli officials. Have a gander at this:
"We pulled out of the Gaza Strip two years ago, we took down all of the settlements, we pulled out all our military personnel, we ended the military occupation and these extremists who are shooting rockets really have no positive agenda. It's just nihilism."
This disgracefully obvious and blatant lie goes completely unchallenged and is reported verbatim by the BBC. How about pointing out that the occupation army controls the borders of Gaza and that they control who and what goes into Gaza. They also control the airspace and the coastline bordering Gaza. They maintain an economic and military stranglehold that holds 1.5 million people under permanent siege, unable to maintain a functional economy and reliant on foreign aid. This foreign aid is also used as political leverage against the ordinary residents in Gaza
. Dozen of elected Hamas officials are also held without charge in Israeli prisons. Who gives a shit about a fucking positive agenda when these zionazis are killing your kids and starving your people? Why is it only Israel who is allowed the excuse of retaliatory violence?

The crap from the BBC does not end there. It goes on:
Few of the attacks cause casualties but their psychological impact on life in the area has been significant.
What about the psychological damage being suffered by 1.5 million prisoners, you twats? What about the psychological damage of kids being hammered by sonic booms deliberately created night after night by Israeli jets flying low over Gaza? What about the psychological damage of thousands who spent weeks trapped unable to get into Gaza and suffered many personal tragedies during that period? What about the psychological damage of being tortured in Israeli prisons?

The only questions the BBC is worrying about are all from the Israeli perspective. Why were the soldiers only under canvas? How can Israel prevent further rocket strikes? It would be a refreshing change if the BBC were ever to consider similar question from a Palestinian viewpoint. They do however manage to note for once that the Israelis have killed hundreds of Palestinians in a previous incursion but yet again accept at face value the Israeli excuse that the reason for the orgy of destruction was to prevent rocket strikes rather than just another act of general terrorism against Gaza that Israel routinely indulges in.

The BBC pic

The Guardian pic


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Also, if you've "withdrawn from Gaza", how come you've just killed three children playing tag there?

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