Friday, July 13, 2007

Definitely not terrorism; no muslims involved

Having explosives and hazardous chemicals with an intent to use them is not necessarily terrorism related if you are white and belong to a racist party such as the BNP. The T-word is conspicuous by its absence, when it is non-muslims involved, particularly when they hate immigrants. In fact this is the second time a jury has failed to reach a verdict on these racist nutters, and the prosecution will not be seeking a retrial. Found in their possession were: A bomb making manual, explosives, crossbows, air rifles and chemicals including nitrate, chlorine, ammonia and various acids.
Cottage, who has failed to win three local elections for the BNP, admitted he planned to make gunpowder to cause thunder flashes to scare off intruders in the event of civil unrest.
The excuses got even more bizarre:
Cottage admitted a separate charge of possessing explosives that could "reasonably" be suspected to be for an unlawful purpose before the trial started. He will be sentenced on July 31. Mr Jackson denied the possession charge. Cottage told the jury he planned to use the chemicals to clean his false teeth, unblock his drains, and protect himself against bird flu. Mr Jackson, who was not a BNP member, claimed he asked Cottage to buy him chemicals online because he wanted to pursue chemistry as a hobby and was too computer-illiterate to order them himself.
Meanwhile, the Muslims continue to cause a panic:

Suspect costs £30,000 per day
'Britain's 15-year terror battle'
Terror suspect remanded
Fury at bill for terror suspect
Terror suspect moves hospital
UK Muslims unite against terror
Oz cops in terror swoop
Terror won't stop Brit fun
Anti-terror rally in Scotland


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