Saturday, July 07, 2007

Vicious and brutal attack on journalist

This is a graphic video [viewer discretion required] showing a cameraman repeatedly shot by Israeli snipers. Some men go to pick him up and then come under fire themselves. The zionazis continue firing at the prone and obviously incapacitated body. The International Federation of Journalists condemned Israel describing it as :
a vicious and brutal example of deliberate targeting of a journalist
Aiden White, general secretary of the journalists' federation said:
This man was carrying a camera, not a gun. He was no threat to Israeli forces. Israel appears to believe it is possible to kill any journalist with impunity so long as they can smear them as propagandists.
Imad Ghanem aged 21 was filming a gunbattle and clearly unarmed with anything but a camera. He was working for the Hamas associated Al-Aqsa channel which may explain why the zionazi considered him a fair game. They also denied it but at the same time they said he could have pulled out a gun at any time so was a legitimate target. The film clearly shows them targetting him as he lies prone on the ground. The film shows Ghanem's legs are smashed to bits by bullets. His legs have now been amputated and he is still fighting for his life in intensive care.

Thanks to Robin for bring the story to my attention.


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