Saturday, May 05, 2007

Will Britain one day be Muslim?

The disgusting bag of shit that is The Daily Mail continues its relentless campaign demonising Islam and Muslims. Quote:

In my many conversations with like-minded people about the threat that radical Islam poses to the British way of lifen - and, indeed, to European civilisation - we frequently end by despairingly agreeing that the West seems intent on committing political and cultural suicide.

When we look starkly at the demographic statistics, the wimpishness of our Establishment in the face of the threat, the perversions perpetrated by political correctness and our own passivity, it's hard to avoid the conclusion that within a couple of generations, Islam will be in control in Europe.

It's hard to work out what kind of an environment bastards like author Ruth Dudley Edwards, live in. The BNP seems positively sane compared with nutters like her. She continues her rant:

Meanwhile, we are importing large numbers of unemployed youths from abroad in order to maintain our standard of living, yet many of these newcomers have nothing but contempt for our way of life and some even wish to destroy it.

Steyn sees this as a civil war which Europe is too timid even to acknowledge, let alone win. He says: "Islam has youth and will, Europe has age and welfare."

It's hard not to agree with Mark Steyn, especially as every day seems to bring more evidence that as a society we are terminally mad.

Watch out everybody these unemployed youths from abroad are out to destroy our way of life and eat our babies. They breed like rabbits you know! And they hate our freedom and way of life too! No doubt she will be campaigning for them to be neutered, so she can continue to enjoy her freedom to demonise other minorities.


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