Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Chapatti Bomb

Official government exercise for jounalists: Use the following key words/phrases in an article designed to stoke anti-muslim sentiment:

Murderous, suicide, plotting, islamic extremists, carnage, plot, chapatti flour, conspiracy, murder, Sunni, Pakistan, 9/11, Heathrow, Abu Hamza, Finchley Park, detonated, exploding, panic, rucksack, bomb factory, burka, suicide note, suicide video, jihad, Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya.

Congratulations: Nearly all of you managed to fit most of the words in and created a wonderful array of frightening front page spreads. However, today’s special prize goes to The Independent for this masterpiece in which all of the words were used to excellent effect. The winner gets the chance to conduct an exclusive interview with Dr John Reid who will tell you how he plans to tackle this menace to our society - as long as you promise to shut up about the minor police database problem.


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