Thursday, December 28, 2006

The destruction of the british NHS is in progress

The Guardian of the establishment reckons that the UK government will be embarrassed to see minister Hazel Blears protesting against NHS hospital closures in the North West. That would be a major surprise as New Labour are clearly incapable of this particular emotion. The term has been deleted from their grey robotic minds. Call me cynical, but this is no doubt a move by Blears to protect her seat at the next election. Apparently it is traditional for government ministers to denounce their own policies and hold two totally contradictory positions at once, especially if it will win votes. John Reid also did it in his own constituency and Bliar said he totally agreed with a general who blasted his own policies in Iraq.

I live in one of the many many areas affected by the despicable and drastic NHS cuts. Our town along with others in the region will end up with no maternity ward and no A&E thanks to Tony Blair. Despite bitter and massive protests, the final decision has been taken. Local nurses and midwives in our wonderful maternity ward are in despair and they are not alone. Any pregnant woman about to give birth will have to travel to another town where they are already struggling to cope and do not have the resources available to cope with even the present number of 'customers'. 'Customer care' has become an ironic term. Patient care exists no more.

This is a new labour crime on the domestic front and is affecting hundreds of thousands. Does anybody in their right mind believe the money poured into the coffers of useless private consultants and NHS trust planners was worth it? The shiny new hospital we received only SIX years ago, is being destroyed. It is a staggering and criminal waste of taxpayers money. No surprise really from the government that has delivered numerous multi-billion IT project disasters, the millennium dome, ID cards, not to mention imperial wars that have shed oceans of blood. Tony Blair's policies are not just killing people abroad, soon some of the people of Britain will by paying with their lives because of inadequate or non-available essential core health services. How much more damage can we allow these nutcases to do before we lock them up behind bars?


Anonymous sally said...

hi Kebz,

As usual I thoroughly enjoy your blogging keep it up!

The policies TB is enacting with the support of his horrid NuLaboratory henchmen is the direct result of Britain passing into the hands of its colonialist masters, the US.

It's the terminology that gets on my wick. I spent several months working in an American state facility for the Handicapped. It was an interesting experience. As a result I am not surprised by any of the antics at Guatanamo or Abu Ghraib -- many of the "clients" were mistreated and even beaten. "Patient" is not an American word, they always use "client", it's just that that would be too obvious in Britain so has been toned down to "customer".

Best wishes from sunny Spain


1:22 PM  
Blogger Kebz said...

Thanks for dropping in again Sally. Don't make me jealous with weather from Spain. It's always pouring down here. On the serious side, I am absolutely livid about the NHS cuts. I can't way to see the back of TB but whoever comes in will not be better :-(

4:17 PM  
Anonymous sally said...

Oh don't be jealous Kebz, we have our problems. Our politicians are equally corrupt, if not more so, and things are not looking good: lots of lip flapping over the environment but the pharoanic projects they dream up are ruining the coasts, arable land (the little there is), the forests that are burned deliberately for more golf clubs, urbanizations ...

My aged mother in the UK is suffering from the NHS cuts personally so it's personal for me too. The objective is to destroy the sense of national identity and the social fabric of British society: disorient, alienate, confuse, crush. People are truly not aware, it seems to me, of the enormity of this plan for a New World Order and how extensively (and efficiently) it is being applied. Perhaps it's a result of living outside the UK for so long now, but I find it shockingly obvious when I return. Enough from me. I simply wanted to send some words of support.

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