Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Justice not vengeance

Polly Toynbee makes me sick!! This apologist for murderers has no conscience and no qualms about selling herself to whoever resides on the throne in Whitehall. Currently she is crawling up Brown's sphincter and making disparaging remarks about the current vicar. This sentence in her article sums up Toynbee and her ilk:
"As it is, Blair will leave office earlier than he would have done, for ever branded by his great Bush/Iraq error; Labour may lose power, blighted and paralysed by it. That is what happens in democracies - vengeance the democratic way."
According to Toynbee, the killing of hundreds of thousands, the wretched killing and torture ground that Iraq has become, is just another human error of judgement rather than a war-crime. Losing power is vengeance for nobody. There is no vengeance for the dead people nor for those whose loved ones are dead or mutilated. Nothing that could put things right the nightly terrors of Iraqs children. No vengeance that could take away the pain of losing your father, mother or child. No vengeance that could take away the fear of death squads prowling the streets carrying drills to maximise the pain before despatching their victims. No vengeance that can take away the poison of depleted uranium that will linger for millions of years taking its toll on future generations. A country, a people, a culture, a generation has been raped, mutilated and scarred mentally and physically. Is losing power sufficient punishment for a man who despite warnings, despite the protests that filled London, sided with the neoconservative butchers and the zionist warlords residing in Washington and Tel Aviv?


Anonymous dan said...

Such a good point.

Justice not vengence.

I had thought Toynbee had some limited intelligence but these people who talk always reveal their stupidity eventually.

7:02 PM  
Blogger Kebz said...

I'm never certain with these people where cynicism ends and stupidity begins. The way she shamelessly extolled the virtues of Blair despite the war and the attacks on civil liberties, suggests that policies don't actually count for a lot. Calling her an intellectual prostitute is an insult to prostitutes. In the blink of an eye she switched allegiances when it became clear that Brown was the successor but it was so seamless that hardly anybody noticed.

7:15 PM  

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