Monday, August 07, 2006

SuperID - The new integrated network society

Can't wait to get your hands on the all branding spanking new superIDENTITY card? Don't worry about government incompetence in handling your personal details. Of course you are worried about handing over your intimate details to the people that brought us the Mellenium dome and the NHS supercomputer. But rest assured that they are already thinking of putting the database into more 'efficient' private hands. If you don't do enough shopping or eating burgers then you will be punished with higher taxes on your meagre salary courtesy of HM Inland Revenue PLC in association with Walmart. Not participificating in our freedom-fry loving society can be punishable by exile to the free-fire zone in former Southern lebanon now known as Northern Samaria territories of greater Israel. Not applying for the combined passport superidentity card may also bar you from travelling on public transport or the Microsoft Motorway Toll Network. Motto - Beware -our crashes may cause crashes.


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