Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Jabba in the mines

I must be psychic. No sooner have I posted about diamonds and a diamond story pops up out of the blue. It involves the repulsive old toad Alisher 'Jabba the hut' Usmanov who in currently but unsuccessfully engaged in wiping Craig Murray off the cybermap. Craig merely mentioned that Usmanov was a crook with connections to a man that boils people to death, but rather than suing Craig, Usmanov issued legal papers against the website's ISP and others who propagated Craig's allegations. Usmanov apparently objects to anybody mentioning that he is a crook and has threatened any media outlet that should dare to divulge his criminal history.

The diamond story involves allegations against Usmanov, by an equally repulsive and filthy rich diamond cartel known as ADC. Apparently they are squabbling over the 'Grib pipe' a lucrative diamond mine in Russia.

Is there anything more revolting than obscenely rich people fighting over rocks whilst billions starve?


Anonymous michael greenwell said...

not a great deal, possibly noel edmonds, possibly multi multi mutli millionaires coming on stage telling us to give to charity (take your pick from a hundred), possibly supposed environmentalists having private jets (chris martin from coldplay)

and re diamonds... ihad it as quote of the day at my place...

"I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck." - Emma Goldman

7:14 PM  

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