Sunday, July 01, 2007

Poisonous Delusions: The poor misunderstood West

Consider this remarkable passage from the Leader column in the Observer. I think it speaks volumes for deluded state of mind that dominates western political thinking. It is also worth reading the sickening racist bigoted comments too (but not too many):

Some believe that the solution to terrorism is to resolve the myriad grievances the terrorists broadcast so violently. This is a mistake. Many such grievances are imagined - the West does not want to 'dominate the lands of Islam', for example. Many more are simply not Britain's fault; we are not to blame for the parlous economic state of many Islamic countries. Instead, we should remember that it is our way of life, and the attraction it holds, that remains our best weapon. The truth is that our democratic structures, our economy, our values and the society we have built upon them are much stronger than we often think.
Hark, all ye people of the enlightened West. All the grievances of the muslim world are IMAGINARY. They have just imagined that the West has invaded Iraq and occupied it constructing dozens of bases, destroying hundreds of thousands of lives, and causing several million to be refugees within and outside Iraq. They are also IMAGINING that the west has constructed bases around all the strategic oil containing regions of the world. It is pure fantasy that our troops are bombing and killing dozens of civilians each day in Afghanistan. The nightmare of Abu Ghraib, the secret CIA torture centres, rendition, Guantanamo, Belmarsh are all figments of the volatile muslim imagination, which is far too easily offended. The disaster of IMF policies and the funding by the West of dictators who oppress their muslim populations, is fanciful too. It is nothing to do with us gov'nur. The vicious Islamaphobic atmosphere whipped up by the Observer and other rags is pure fantasy. The hatred, bile and lies spewed by western journalists and right-wing bloggers is purely phantasmic. The vicious scribblings of Cohen, Aaronovitch and Hitchens are not real and are part of a vast hallucination induced by drugs exported by the Taliban. Ye people, the problem with these heathens is that they take offence far too easily, but our VALUES will protect us because they are stronger. Our democratic structure which allow the rich establishment to keep their pet rat politicians in notional power, despite having no mandate from the vast majority of the population, is our best weapon. Pretending to see, hear or speak no evil WILL protect us from the terrorists who only attack us because they are jealous of our wealth and because of their narcotized brains. We will win in the end even if we have to reluctantly wipe out large parts of the populations in infested countries, like we did in the good old days of the empire.

It also chimes well with Blair's own deluded message, that all muslim grievances are false or absurd and that our intentions and aims are benovolent and charitable.


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