Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dracula touted for Blood Bank Job

The poodle has been discussing with his master the prospect of a role as a 'middle-east envoy'. This is an obvious role for him after he offered his services to the Shrub to act as a page-boy for Condi Rice during the infamous 'turned-on microphone' summit. Allegedly the poodle is hungry for a 'big job' after a mere 10 years in Downing street acting as the acting US junior deputy secretary of state aka as prime minister. The White House have been gushing in their praise of the poodle and pointed to his active involvement in middle east peace issues throughout his tenure. His greatest contribution has undoubtedly been to the peace process in Iraq where millions are living in comfort and security thanks to his stalwart effort. He was also very actively involved in preventing a ceasefire that allowed Israel to continue bombing civilians in Southern Lebanon last year. Indeed nobody else has been more active in sticking their proboscis into the rectal cavity of the zionist reshime in Tel Aviv.

Small wonder that this move is already being applauded in Israeli government circles, because his track record of supporting every bombing by Israel is immaculate as is his record of condemning Palestinian terrorism at every possible opportunity. It remains unclear what the Palestinian reaction will be but no doubt Mahmoud Abbas will take his opportunity to stick his own proboscis into Blair's rear entry. However, I doubt whether he will have the red carpet rolled out for him in Gaza city as there appears to be a bit of a shortage of those, along with food, fuel and water. However guns, ammunition and misery are easily available commodities.


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