Saturday, June 23, 2007

Media Dictionary

Airstrikes: Thousands of pounds of bombs dropped on 'suspected' targets, usually capable of killing hundred of people at a time.

1. A mythical organisation to which anybody killed or detained/tortured by 'coalition forces' belongs.
2. An organisation dedicated to hating our freedom as opposed to wanting their own.

Al-Qaida linked/Taliban linked: Cannon fodder

Clashes: A description that covers a wide range of activities including the bombing of schools and homes by coalition forces (see above). Suggests that there is some symmetry in the type of warfare being waged although this is almost never the case.

Coalition forces, International peacekeepers, Nato-led forces: A rhetorical device to be used when describing US-forces. Provides a measure of comfort that we are not doing the killing alone therefore we must be in the right.

Defence Sales: Sales of lethal attack weapons including cluster bombs, warplanes, tanks, armoured vehicles, torture equipment, guns, ammunition, missiles, explosives and chemical weapons to various 'friendly' reshimes around the world.

Hamas-controlled coastal strip: The territory also known as Gaza whose borders and airspace are controlled by Israeli forces who limit access of water, food, electricity and medicines.

Hardliner (see also firebrand): A politician from a 'rogue reshime' who does not pay due respect to western countries or politicians.

International aid:
1. Donations of money and weapons to corrupt friendly reshimes yet implying that the money will do some good to the local population- see 2
2. Donations of food, medicine or shelter made by non-governmental organisations to a local population with no government money involved.

Islamists: Always Al-Qaida linked or Taliban linked.

Israel's right to exist: A mythical declaration allowing Israel the right to occupy and to impose its own will.

1. Anybody who uses a gun against occupation forces.
2. Any military age man (14-65) who happens to be in the vicinity of 1

Occupation: A term that can sometimes be applied to Western forces in Iraq but never in Afghanistan or to the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Palestine: A country wiped off the map by the forces of zionism.

Recognition: Something that can be done to Israel but not by Israel. See also Israel's right to exist.

Reconstruction: A mythical activity that costs hundreds of billions yet never has any actual structural effect in the country where it is reputed to be taking place (See Iraq or Afghanistan).

1. Something that politicians must always engage in, in order to be seen to be doing something.
2. Something other countries must do to come into line with western policies.

Reshime-change: removal of a government regardless of its nature when it is not subservient to western policies.

Rogue reshime: Any country that does not automatically comply with western demands for 'reform'.

Security: Something Western nations and Israel are entitled to whatever the cost. Not available or to be mentioned for other countries or certain sub-populations.

Suicide-bombing: The act of blowing up one's body using explosive devices usually resulting in at least one up to dozens of casualties. Much more heinous than airstrikes.

Suspects: People destined to be killed. (See also Al Qaida-linked or Taliban-linked)

Terrorism: An activity engaged in by Muslims in particular, leading to 'airstrikes' and 'reshime-change'.


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