Sunday, January 18, 2009

We must not stop. There is no ceasefire but a cynical tactic - the protests must continue

We must not stop and forget the result of the Zionist terrorism - over 400 innocent children murdered, countless homes destroyed, ambulances, schools, mosques, hospitals and the UN buildings attacked.

The unilateral 'ceasefire' is a charade which the UK and US are backing because it means that the starvation and seige of Gaza will continue, the blockade will indeed be enforced with our tax money. Israel will continue to murder people in Gaza and the West Bank at will. The F16's and drones will still be prowling the skies of occupied Palestine. The Zionists will now use the blood letting to boost their support in their internal racist election - an election in which Arab parties are now banned. Palestinian children will continue to pay the price of Zionist terrorism. This is not a ceasefire but a cynical tactic for sympathy by mass murderers who are drenched the blood of Palestinians.

I appeal to all those who have taken part in the protests in worldwide, in the name of the murdered Palestinian children, do not stop you protests!! This is not over until the lasts troops have left Gaza and the Palestinians are free to control their own borders and are freed from an illegal siege. The world has no right to enforce the starvation and strangulation of this sliver of Palestinian territory. The Zionist war criminals must be brought to justice.

Wake up and see also what the Zionists are still doing on the West Bank. Unlike the media would have you believe, this is not just a few checkpoints that inconvenience Palestinians:
  • The land grabbing continues
  • The attacks on Palestinians by settlers and soldiers continue
  • The illegal house demolitions continue
  • The diversion of water to Israeli settlements continues
  • The eviction of Palestinians from East Jerusalem continues
  • The apartheid wall continues to be built on Palestinian land
  • Settlement expansion continues
  • New jewish only roads continue to be built in the West bank, again on Palestinian land carving up what remains of the West Bank.
  • Arab parties are now banned from the so called 'democracy' of Israel
Please maintain the pressure on your elected representatives. The world cannot now relax and forget the results of Zionist terrorism. This is not over for the terrified children of Gaza and therefore it should not be over for us.


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