Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fuck the biased media: this is real coverage of the Zionist terrorism against Arabs

Here is some more powerful testimony from Eva reporting from Gaza...


Let me give you some personal examples of mass-bombing, indiscriminate bombing, and the targeting of civilians:

8 men, including a father (age 55), 6 of his sons (ages 15- mid-20s), and one friend (age 15) who were targeted by a missile from an Israeli drone yesterday at 5 pm while they attempted to return scrap metal to a metal workshop. This attack came 1 hour after an Israeli F-16 targeted the shop but hit the house next door, alleging the shop had missiles in it (it held oxygen tanks, for the work involved in a metal shop).

The 8 dead were torn to pieces by the missile which targeted them.

Yesterday also, 3 children were collecting firewood for cooking, as they have no cooking gas (because of Israel’s siege on Gaza, cooking gas being among the many banned materials which also include medicines, replacement parts for hospital equipment, building cement, and a very extensive list which i don’t have time to write at present but which is very well documented by the UN and other “objective” sources.) The youths, ages 13 and 14, were in a small patch of olive trees collecting wood when a missile from a drone targeted them, killing one and seriously injuring the other two who are now in critical condition. It was between 11 am and noon.

The mother of a family in Jabaliya was on the street going to buy bread on Saturday afternoon when she was killed by shrapnel from a missile which landed metres from her. The same family lives in fear, in an unprotected room (no bomb shelters here) as bombs explode 30 m from their house and in the neighbouring area. Each bomb near them shakes their house and blows out remaining windows. I know, I sleep there. The missile which struck land across the street was targeting an enclosed olive grove. This morning, the same land was attacked, 20 minutes after I had left the home. The family is terrified. This is a massive missile capable of levelling 2 and 3 storey buildings, leaving craters 8-14 m deep.

Two brothers, ages 10 and 12, left their Beit Hanoun home around 10 am this morning to throw the garbage out. They are dead, killed from a missile stike.

At least 4 mosques in Jabaliya alone have been targeted, damaging buildings and houses around them. The mosque across from Shifa hospital was levelled, leaving a crater approximately 15 m deep. A mosque in Khan Younis was leveled yesterday. Islamic university has twice been targeted, on two different days. Al Quds open universtiy buildings were targeted. The coast of Gaza is being fired upon by Israeli naval vessels, from Rafah in the south to up in the north. There are now 370 known killed and over 1450 known injured, half of whom cricitally so. Sixty of the dead are children, 12 are women.

I am not sitting in a comfortable hotel room, I am visiting the sites, talking with the affected people. I am not cushioned from this, my ears also ring from the explosions, and I haven’t slept well in three nights. The explosions are extremely loud (that doesn’t suffice to describe it), and the drones and Apache helicopters and F-16s continue to circle over all areas of the Gaza Strip

I’d invite anyone who doubts the severity and seriousness of these ongoing attacks on Gaza to come here to witness this for yourself, to write your own balanced account, but of course that is impossible, because Gaza is under siege, all crossings are closed, and even the Free Gaza boat which brought me here was attacked this morning, rammed by Israeli naval vessels, and prevented from delivering needed medical supplies and bringing journalists to Gaza to report on the situation.

I strongly disagree, and will never agree, that Israel is taking precautions to limit the number of civilian casualties. I disagree with the statement Israel is carrying out airstrikes on Hamas targets, because by that definition, any supporter of Hamas can be a target, as we have seen. Would it be acceptable to bomb the police stations and ministries of Israel’s government, any government, because the political party is viewed as a target. George Bush is a war criminal and supports crimes against humanity. But that doesn’t mean we bomb the police stations and ministries of the United States. Clearly, these are acts of terrorism.

Hamas has publically said it will “recognize” Israel, an Israel with defined border and without the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.

I don’t have the luxury of a serene place from which to write. I am reporting what i see, hear, and feel from Gaza, and that is my intention.

I usually don't bother with the comments on CiF, full as it is of bastard zionist trolls out to defend the indefensible terrorism against Gazans, but here is a comment by DonnaSaggia which I feel captures the feelings of all people who have a conscience and a semblance of compassion:

The pathetic rockets are not even close to a legitimization of Israel's blockade and bombing of Gaza. You don't starve an entire civilian population and deny it medicine--especially cancer medicine--because of rockets that have killed fewer than 10 people in two years. In reality, the root cause of the violence is the occupation--Israel may have "left" Gaza, but it has never left it alone. Bombing Gaza's tunnels actually broke the cease fire first--and those tunnels were Gaza's only means of getting in food, medicine, and were also used by children to travel to school. Israel is committing crimes of the highest order--and the US government is complicit by its silence. The politicians of the world ought to stop buying the "Israel has a right to defend itself" spin and start demanding that this criminal nation adhere to basic tenets of human decency and civility.


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