Monday, August 13, 2007

BAA BAA black sheep

BAA have some bizarre excuses for climate change protesters not to take action against them at Heathrow. The dear old BBC is doing its best to help by vigorously quoting these objections to protestors and suggesting they were being 'irresponsible'. The irresponsibility of building a third runway to the busiest airport in the world at time when man made global climate change is spiralling out of control, is not questioned. The idea that the protesters distract police from catching terrorists and therefore pose a security risk is laughable but it is still presented with a straight face. People waving a few placards and munching vegetables do not inconvenience the 'hard working families' going on holiday but they do annoy the BAA officials who could do without all the bad publicity. The same BAA officials claim that they are also concerned about climate change and worried about the effects of carbon dioxide emissions, yet fail to explain how this concern is addressed by expanding airport capacity. The threatened direct action involves not breaching the perimeter of Heathrow and holding a mass picnic in Sipson, so why are the authorities in such a panic? At this rate, Downing Street will be having another sitting of COBRA soon if the picnic carries on beyond the scheduled time.


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