Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Warrens become the latest Rodney kings

They probably thought they could get away with doing, whatever the hell they liked. The black couple that stopped to protest at the savage stomping of a black youth were themselves punched and viciously assaulted by police officers for daring to protest or witness their brutality. How many times have the cops got away with this type of behaviour because their victims were nobodies with no influence? However, this time they picked the wrong couple:

New York – A human rights attorney known for handling cases of police brutality became a victim of police abuse last Thursday evening in Brooklyn. Attorney Michael Tarif Warren and his wife Evelyn, who is also an attorney, were driving along Vanderbilt Avenue around 6 p.m., when they witnessed NYPD officers “kicking and stomping” a handcuffed young Black man. The Warrens pulled over to help.

Warren, a high profile attorney who has been practicing law for 28 years, said: “We saw a young kid being chased by a horde of policemen across a McDonald’s parking lot. They tackled him and immediately put handcuffs on him. Then Sgt. Talvy, who appeared to be in charge, began kicking him in the head and ribs and stomping him on the neck.” The other police officers followed suit. “They literally gave this kid a beating which was unconscionable.”

“Not only as people of conscience and moral decency, but as lawyers, we said this is outrageous.” They arrived and stood “more than 10 feet away,” he said. Mr. Warren told Sgt. Talvy they were lawyers and told him to stop and just take the young man to the precinct. In response, he said, “Talvy shouted, I don’t give a f**k who you are. Get the f**k back in your car!”

They returned to their car, and Mr. Warren began to write down the license plate numbers of the police vehicles as they watched them put the bleeding young man in a car. “Then Talvy comes to my car and viciously attacks me, repeatedly punching me through the window. Shouting, ‘Get out of the car!’ He dragged me out of the car, ripping my shirt and pants.

My wife, very upset, asked him why are you doing this? He then punched her in the face.” Both were arrested and taken to the 77th precinct charged with obstruction, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Michael Tarif Warren has handled many police misconduct cases in the Black community, including the shocking police murder of graffiti artist Michael Stewart and of Yvonne Smallwood, who was beaten to death by police in the Bronx. He also handled the case exonerating the five young Black teenagers falsely convicted of raping the white bank executive “Central Park Jogger.”


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