Saturday, July 21, 2007

Road Block

The road map has hit a serious road block. The policy of dividing the Palestinians and destroying Palestinian institutions [that included Hamas] has worked, but I don't think the planners have thought this one through. Simply splitting Gaza from the West Bank will not have the desired effect that Fatah or their US/zionist sponsors want. Ultimately even people like Colin Powell are saying that deals will have to be done with Hamas, whether the Bush/Olmert/Quartet axis like it or not. Freeing 255 prisoners to 'help' Fatah in its battle for the hearts and minds of ordinary Palestinians will not work. It is like a sticking plaster on a gaping axe wound. Anywhere from 9000-11000 Palestinians remain incarcerated by the occupying reshime. Releasing a bit of money and rearranging a few road blocks may allow the MSM to praise Israeli generosity, but will do little to ease the suffering of the vast majority in the West Bank when they are assaulted, evicted and threatened on a daily basis.

The Palestinian public may have little choice but to go along with the pretend election that Fatah envisages soon with 'help' from the Quartet. However this will require either major fraud or some negotiation with Hamas who are in charge in Gaza. If they don't, there will be nobody to organise the poll or the pretence of one. With the borders closed and approximately 6000 people stranded trying to get back into Gaza, the general outlook for Gaza residents remains incredibly bleak. Abbas cannot claim legitimate leadership if the 1.5 million residents of Gaza are ignored and he continues to do nothing to ease their plight. How can he ease their plight without releasing some money to them and asking for travel restrictions to be lifted? How will Blair rebuild Palestinian institutions that have no control over Gaza? How can the so-called peace process make any progress when the Israelis refuse to discuss anything of substance and have no incentive to do so? With Fatah cravenly obedient and sadly lacking anybody of stature to make real demands from the Quartet, the peace discussions led by Condi Rice, amount to nothing more than vacuous press conferences trying to convince reporters that something of substance is happening. Even with the most western friendly and obedient police forces and institutions run and supervised by the western powers, the Fatah leadership will be unable to stop their people from acts of resistance that the Israeli occupation and settlers induce daily from them. That in the zionist book amounts to 'failure to fight terror'. The escape clause for the zionazis is built into the process.

The way I see it, the best option for the Palestinians is to demand equal rights in a single non-jewish state and forget about the two-state solution. It is the only and quickest way to destroy the dream of the zionists, when you cannot defeat the occupiers militarily. Use your intelligence. Demand democracy, demand citizenship and equal rights in a single non-jewish state. If you can't beat them, join them and force them to look after you.

In related news, the zionist bastards have the chutzpah to negotiate a deal with BG Group PLC, to supply gas to them from the Gaza marine gas field. This while continuing to limit fuel, food and medicines going to the strip:
BG wants to develop the Gaza Marine gas field and build pipelines to sell gas to Israel. Under the initial proposals, BG would transport gas by pipeline to Ashkelon Port, without crossing the Gaza Strip. Should the deal fail, BG has said it would consider selling the gas to Egypt instead.


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