Thursday, April 12, 2007

The BBC and its eager Beaver

It is not unusual to switch on to BBC News 24 and find official propaganda being broadcast as fact and/or insinuation, without challenge as to its credibility or any need for evidence. That theme continues today on the channel that is afflicted with a bout of rolling propaganditis. The current theme is that 'Iranian elements' are responsible for roadside bombs in Southern Iraq. Despite not a single incident of such bombs being detected crossing the border and despite an IED 'factory' being discovered inside Iraq days previously (although the story quickly disappeared as it did not fit the official explanation), the BBC maintains that British forces are convinced that the insurgent groups have 'outside help' and that could only come from Iran. Of course, they are careful to attribute the allegations to the spokesmen. Yet, the stream of repetition is a noteworthy act. Why else would they repeat allegations for which there is no evidence? The continual airing of such allegations is an act of propaganda that the BBC undertakes willingly and is backed up by the use of another device. This is the defence correspondent or an analyst who is close to official army or intelligence sources. This morning it is the turn of Paul Beaver who is a defence analyst and former editor for Janes Defence Weekly. He now runs his own company called Beaver Westminster Ltd (BVL). His was one of the foremost analysts featured on the BBC after 11/9 /2001 and the start of the war against Iraq in 2003.

Beaver tends to appear whenever a propaganda battle is taking place and it is necessary to get across to the public the threat from various quarters. For instance, you will remember the faked hullabaloo over threats to aircraft at Heathrow from shoulder launched missiles a couple of years ago. Beaver was right there, telling us how the missile can be carried in the trunk of a car, and launched from the vicinity of an airport, for example from a housing estate or from a car on a nearby road. This is Paul Beaver in the aftermath of the attacks on 11/9/2001:

Now exactly right, we have got to do something about it. Now President George W. Bush is a very intelligent man. He has very good advisors. He will know exactly...
His company offers 'cost-effective consultancy in government and military intelligence sectors.' Look closely at his work with BVL under 'latest news' and you will find that he is heading media activities for a number of arms dealers and manufacturers. BVL's representative Alexis Everington has visited Saudi Arabia on a 'fact finding mission' on behalf of............wait for it.....BAE systems and the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce. That might help you to recall the Saudi arms/BAE corruption investigation that was blocked by Blair and Goldsmith 'in the interest of national security'. Beaver also has connections with several air force associations and sponsors the official defence industry dinner, where MOD staff and arms dealers are well represented. This is the kind of bloke that the BBC trusts to provide its supporting commentary. With his background and links it is not surprising that he is trotted out at regular intervals.


Blogger kosmik knight said...

Thanks for this, Kebz. Warmongers like Beaver should be exposed in this manner by many more of us.

These people make a living of the spilt blood of countless innocents. They are criminals, serial killers in respectable suits.

'kk', Chimes of Freedom

4:40 AM  
Anonymous Kebz said...

I used to think these people were friendly commentators who knew the subject well and performed a valuable service of informing the public. That illusion has been shattered for a while but I think most people still see it like this. Who wants to think that behind the nerdy friendly soft-spoken face, there is a ruthless individual who tells the official lies and trades in cluster bombs and other such instruments of death?

11:00 AM  

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