Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Swept away by a torrent of sewage

Whilst London plans a new sewerage system in time for the Olympics, they support a government in Israel that prevents essential work to a sewerage system in Gaza by threatening terrorist action against workers. This has now paid off for the Israelis in the form of even more Palestinian deaths in the giant concentration camp that is Gaza.

Six Palestinians Killed After Gaza Strip Sewage Tank Collapses

By Jacob Doctoroff and Saud Abu Ramadan

March 27 (Bloomberg) -- At least six Palestinians were killed and dozens of residents remain missing in a northern Gaza Strip village after the walls of 15 sewage tanks occupying an area of four square kilometers collapsed.

At least three houses were demolished by the torrent of raw sewage that spilled out of the cesspools, a rescue worker, speaking on condition of anonymity, said by telephone. It swept through an estimated 250 other homes in the Bedouin village near the Gaza-Israel border, he said.

Kamel Abu Qaida, a member of the local municipal council, termed that collapse an ``environmental disaster'' and appealed for civil defense crews to save families that may still be trapped in the village.

A plan to move the cesspools away from the growing village had been delayed after international aid sanctions on the Palestinian Authority were imposed after Hamas took over the government in March 2006. About 5,000 people live in the village north of the town of Beit Lahiya.


Published: 03.27.07, 12:37 / Israel News

Palestinian Environment Minister Dr. Yousef Safia blamed Israel on Tuesday for the flooding of a Bedouin village near Beit Lahiyah following the collapse of a sewage system due to intense rainfall.

According to Safia, Sweden and the EU have provided the Palestinian Authority with the funds necessary to construct a modernized sewage system which will divert its contents to the ocean however Safia claims that Israel has threatened to bomb construction workers and the sewage pipes should the project begin. (Ali Waked)



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