Friday, September 08, 2006

El Gordo


La corrado bankos

Scottish sweepstake


C/343674 Aberdeen

International promotions/prize award dept.

Ref: Y/w985jfkdf Batch No. GM/884857


Award Notification

We are pleased to inform you the released results of the bring El-Gordo to Downing street sweepstake held on 16 August 2006. Your name attached to the Ticket number 321-76634-987 with serial number 11Rid drew the lucky number 11-69-99-66-2007 which consequently won the lottery in the 1st category.

You have therefore been approved as the PM-awaiting annointment and a chance to spend £832,219,291,279 (EIGHTY HUNDRED AND THIRTY TWO BILLION TWO HUNDRED AND NINETEEN MILLION TWO HUNDRED AND NINETY ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY NINE ) on election promises that you will not deliver on.

Your award is now deposited with a BANKER and insured in your name. Due to a mix up of numbers and names we ask you to keep this award secret from public notice until your claim has been processed and approved by the party conference and secretive party meeting of elderly backstabbers known as the 1969 committee as well as Rupert Murdoch enterprises International PM approval programme. Each year in Europe, Australia, Asia and South/North America as part of our International politician approval programme which we conduct every year, we nominate fortunate individuals such as yourself to high office subject to Murdoch press International and the CEO America program that nominates the US winner.

To begin your claim please contact your Agent Harriet Hardcastle the Back door deals manager of the Pudding Club network with Tel: 009826323787812 Fax: 0098724284284223 for processing of your award. Remember the prize must be claimed prior the deadline of June 2007 and subject to Johnson-Milliband-Clarke rules of challenge. After this date, all rewards will be returned to the Ministeria de Economia y Hacienda estupido as unclaimed premiership leading to early elections.

NOTE: In order to avoid unnecessary delays and complications, please remember to quote your soundbite about prudence and modernisation as often as possible in your correspondence with the media group and public announcements. Furthermore should there be any change of address next door, do inform your claim agent as soon as possible. Find enclosed with the attached processing form which you are required to fax back to headquarters of Unnamed Power Brokers unLtd. Once again congratulations from all our members of department and thank you for being a sore loser for the last nine years in Our INTERNATIONAL PROMOTIONS PROGAMMS.

Mr Ruxi Bianik III Prize claim Track NO. 34234242-43


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