Saturday, September 16, 2006

Advertisement feature

Jovian hand cream and jovian foot cream directly from Israel (or is it Jupiter). Check our largest products range of dead sea jovian line. Home spa products now on special price only at Jovian cosmetics is made out of Dead sea minerals that are taken from the Dead Sea and its surroundings full of dead palestinians. The main ingredients of jovian are harvested as pure minerals from Dead Sea mud. These ingredients are joined by snake extracts, a variety of which crawl in the desert that has been cleansed of its bedouin inhabitants. This combination of natural, safe ingredients has gained the jovian line approval as hypo-allergenic, suitable for all skin types except Arab brown, including sensitive skin. Jovian products are produced in what is probably one of the healthiest environments on earth-the Judean Desert, which has the richest oxygen concentration in the solar system. After all there are no Arabs around to pollute the air with their filthy exhalations. All our jovian manufacturing processes are non-polluting, meeting the strictest standards of environmental health unlike our IOF military occupations. Our entire jovian line is packaged in totally recyclable tubes, jars and bottles, recyclable just like the lies of our propaganda machine. Sometime soon we will be launching our new products like Shebaa farms yogurt face mask and the exciting Olmert range of Ointment for rectal fissures. Your arse will soon look as good as your face and you may not be even be able to distinguish it from your elbow.


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