Thursday, November 09, 2006

Circus of Lies

Yet again BBC Radio 4, five o' clock news covers a terrorist attack by Israel costing innocent Palestinian lives but immediately sets about helping Israel 'explain' its 'mistake'. Every single time Palestinian lives are lost, they are explained as being a result of retaliatory action against rockets or a 'mistake'. There is absolutely zilch critical analysis, except from the viewpoint of the 'powers', or from the standpoint of Israeli politics. They reckon, Olmert is now a weak PM because of the war on Lebanon and therefore he cannot 'do peace'. What fucking effort did he make towards peace in the first place before the attack on Lebanon? Why not ask the obvious fucking question?

There is a brief mention of international condemnation led by Arab countries and EU 'concern' at unacceptable actions. That is their sole concession to broadcasting opposition to the terrorist state of Israel. It is all they are prepared to broadcast from the critical viewpoint. They interviewed a Rabbi and Israeli residents about fucking ROCKETS and the peace process (as if one existed). There were no Palestinian voices on the Beeb yet again!! Not one mention of the word: OCCUPATION! This is the 'O' word that the media will not utter. In fact they sometimes mention 'reoccupation' of Gaza as a possibility. As if they had actually stopped the occupation. As if the zionazi had not kept up their blockade of Gaza (including food and medicines) and imprisoned the entire population within a giant area. The news has become a pantomime led by clowns from the circus of media lies. This constant framing of everything in the light of 'rocket attacks' by the BBC is taken directly from the Zionist propaganda manual. This is not passive transmission of lies but active and deliberate collaboration with the propaganda machine of the occupier. Of course the Beeb argues otherwise. They do have for instance an article by Matthew Price in the middle-section with testimony from some people from Beit Hanoun. But typically this article does not miss the opportunity to mention rockets as well as a denial from people that rockets had been fired from the area. So an article meant to show the Palestinian point of view, becomes another covert article explaining Israeli actions. Following the usual MO of Beeb reporters Price finishes with a mention of the appearance of a 'militant' in the area.

Zionist warplanes also continue to terrorise the population of Lebanon. In fact the French troops in Lebanon, have protested that they had nearly fired upon the planes that had swooped down upon them. The zionist lie machine insisted that the French has 'misunderstood' the manoeuvres of the planes and that they were carrying out reconnaissance. That's right folks, now even professional troops can't even tell the difference between a plane practising a bombing run and spying.


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